Darren L. Slider


Darren’s Writings



© 1985


Twilight blue
blends imperceptibly
with midnight blue
in a suffused light

A needlepoint
of concentrated yellow radiance
pokes out of the eternal hills
distant billows of cloud
float in timeless equilibrium
stunningly transfixed by shades
of red and yellow and orange
warmth prevails more and more
as the needlepoint grows
into an incandescent ball
of fire-yarn

Grass grows greener
in spite of fences
flowers focus their attention
upon this gripping spectacle
six thousand years old
yet eternally a new experience
the sun shines
in all its glory


Sibelian darkness
a lonely bassoon
dirges a somber lament
while strings shiver
in nervous agitation

The brass inject
a strong hint of warmth
into the atmosphere
with confident joy
the strings anticipate
the return of this warmth
in its fullest anticipation

In spite of the opposition
of descending minor harmonies
and two strident interruptions
unison strings continue to rise
and reach a higher plane
where the brass join in wholeheartedly
with a glorious crescendo
ushering in the exalted daybreak
with an exultant fanfare
in a radiant B major

In a mood of joyful calm
the woodwinds sing
the song of the spring morning
for dancing strings

Distant trumpets herald a fanfare
which the horns reiterate
and strings and woodwinds discuss
in agitated glee

The instruments toss fragments
of themes around at will
until the voices overlap
and brass fanfares emerge
amid joyfully arpeggiating strings
and imperturbably descending woodwind runs

Majestic brass fanfares
and ecstatically arpeggiating strings
reach their apotheosis
with a triumphant march
in the transfiguring splendor
of an E flat major noontide

Author’s Note: This unfinished poem, written in the summer of 1985, evokes a literal sunrise (I), then a musical sunrise (II), inspired by the first movement of the Sibelius Fifth Symphony (poem begins at 5:44 on MIDI file).