Callie, then three years old, became a member of our family in October of 1998 when we adopted her from the Fort Worth Animal Shelter. She succeeded our previous family cat, Oreo, an outside cat who vanished from the premises while we were vacationing in Arkansas. To prevent this contingency from recurring, we made Callie an inside cat, in which capacity she has served as a faithful companion for many years.

She has an expressive voice with many subtle modulations of tone and a friendly temperament. She warms well to visitors if they be not too numerous. Indeed, she is prone to bathe the unsuspecting patron with her tongue when he is not expecting it, but we have, after some considerable effort, largely cured her of a tendency to bite rather too hard while playing. She most especially enjoys lying in any comfortable spot which readily presents itself (as above) and eating Fancy Feast, which she receives only on Sundays. (That having been said, she spends enough time suggestively pacing in front of the kitchen door on Sundays that it is not possible for us to forget the day of the week.)